Thursday, October 13, 2016

"You Gotta Prove It!"

Like when Harry Ried said his unnnamed (imaginary) friend told him Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes for ten years (since proven to be a LIE), the Democrats are saying, “We don't NEED proof! You gotta make Trump prove he DIDN'T sexually abuse those women!” I disagree. They have to prove he DID! The phenomenon of many women “coming out of the woodwork to “pile on” when a man is “accused” of sexual misconduct MANY YEARS AGO, but which was not reported, the evidence (if any) destroyed, happened to Bill Cosby. It happened to Roger Ailes. Women who supposedly have been silent for many years because they were “ashamed,” suddenly aren't “ashamed,” and want only to get “revenge." Now it's happening to Donald Trump at a very suspicious time, just WEEKS before the presidential election where a known criminal wants to beat an honorable businessman to the Oval Office.

Just look at ONE of his “accusers.” A People Magazine writer who did a piece on him years ago now claims he made “unwanted advances” on her DURING the interview for that piece, yet she STILL wrote a very complimentary “puff piece.” Donald LOVED. It seems to me that if he made UNWANTED advances, she wouldn't have written such a complimentary piece, at the very least. And, of course, in NONE of these “accusations” is there ANY PROOF. Any proof that might have existed has long been destroyed, by their own admission. I might be a little quicker to accept their “accusations” but for the TIMING, which is VERY suspicious. I suggest examining the backgrounds of these “aggrieved women” to see how many of them are Democrat campaign workers, or at least Democrats, who are well known for such underhanded tactics. (Just common sense)

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