Saturday, October 1, 2016

Reducing Cow Farts

Jerry Brown, governor of California, has signed into law a measure that would require California farmers to reduce cow farts by 40% below 2013 levels, by 2030. this is an illustration of the liberal tendency to require people to do the impossible, and “fine” them if they don't do it. It's a good way to increase receipts without raising taxes. That liberals (and some conservatives with liberal leanings) just “make rules” without regard to the impossibility of attaining that goal, hoping somebody will figure out how to do it, later. And if they can't, it gives them an excuse to “fine” them millions of dollars. Tell me, how do you stop cows from farting? How about horses, and other animals,. Including humans? Can you stop piles of cow dung from emitting methane (stinking)? As usual, they hope to catch that stink and make into an energy source. Another impossible quest. They expect the farmers, who are having enough trouble selling their crops for enough money to come out ahead, to spend $2 million each on “methane digesters” (that they hope exist) for a total outlay of $2 BILLION dollars. Honest, you can't make this stuff up, folks! If you want some good belly laughs (hope they don't make you fart), read the article linked below. (Town Hall)

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