Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blow 'Em Up!

Iran rebels fired missiles at a US Navy ship, and didn't get “blown out of the water.” That's typical Obama, and stupid. It can only result in more “Iran rebels” shooting at Navy ships. Under any other president, they would immediately cease to exist before the missiles even hit their targets. Obama's big mouth says, “We are committed to supporting free navigation,” while doing everything he can to make sure it doesn't stay free. Refusing to fire back guarantees it. They will call us a “paper tiger,” and they will be right, as long as Obama is in charge. The White House (Obama) condemned the attack, but said nothing about countermeasures against the Iran-backed rebels. Surprise, surprise! It's very instructive that the Houthi Rebels thought they could fire on a US Navy ship and not be annihilated in the next minute. There was a day when such a tiny minority wouldn't have DARED fire on a US ship. Obama has changed all that. (Media Research Center)

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