Friday, October 21, 2016

"The Science Is Settled"

I've always been suspicious any time somebody says “the science is settled” on ANYTHING (Particularly global warming (now known as “climate change” to keep looting the nation). But in this instance, it may be true. More people are killed by falling off ladders, falling down stairs, in cars, and by consuming household chemicals than they are by guns—and that includes justifiable shootings. So why don't the anti-gun fools go after ladders, stairways, cars, and household chemicals? Because they know banning such things is impossible. They claim guns are only good for shooting people, and they're right. But WHY they kill people is important. Most ILLEGAL guns out there are used to victimize innocent people. But others are used to DEFEND against the first group, and without them, we're at the mercy of ILLEGAL gun owners. Trying to ban ALL guns is the usual short-sighted action of the anti-gun fools, and they refuse to be deterred, or turned in a logical direction. So we have to keep fighting them, spending a lot of time and money that would not be necessary if they could see reason. (Joe Huffman)

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