Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Why Am I Not 50 Pts. Ahead?"

Poor Hillary, with all she's done to demonize Trump, now she's whining about not being 50 points ahead of him. She's promising to give us 4, and maybe 8 years more of Obama's stupidity. She's lied and lied, about everything under the sun. She's destroyed thousands of e-mails right after they were subpoenaed by Congress. She's lied to Congress on too many occasions to count. She's used her foundation to collect $billions for access. And all she has on Trump is her unsupported CLAIMS (without anything to support them) that Trump is “unqualified to be president.” And she really wonders why he's beating her? What dim bulb she is! She has committed more crimes in the last year than the worst thug on the street hopes to do in his lifetime. The FBI Director DETAILED her crimes before announcing he wasn't going to do anything about them because “she didn't mean it.” Since when is that a defense? I though ignorance of the law was no excuse? (Just common sense)

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