Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why Gun Control Fails

The answer is simple: they aim for the wrong target—the gun. And they make rules and laws for the LAW-ABIDING, which, as we all know, the lawbreakers IGNORE. And the laws they make are USELESS. Registering gun owners doesn't work, because all it does is tell them who has guns LEGALLY, ignoring those who have them ILLEGALLY, while legal gun owners usually aren't the problem. “No gun zones” don't work, because the people who are the real problem, the lawbreakers, couldn't care less about gun-free ones, except to know they probably won't be opposed when they enter to kill some people. Gun locks and “safe storage” don't work because criminals don't bother with them. Do you see something here that operates in all cases? Criminals don't OBEY laws, or “regulations.” Laws and “rules” are for the law-abiding, ONLY. Law-abiding people are not usually the problem. And the GUN is not the problem. PEOPLE are the problem. So the only answer is to give the law-aiding the means for self defense—something the anti-gun fools won't hear of. (Just common sense)

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