Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Covering It Up

Have you heard? They’re putting the former Attorney General of Pennsylvania in PRISON! You didn’t? I guess that’s because the liberal media hasn’t covered it. The “fall from grace” of a major politician! And they can’t be bothered to cover it. Wonder why? Maybe it’s because she’s a Democrat. She was a “rising star” in Democrat politics until they found her hands DEEP in the “cookie jar.” Maybe they just thought finding a Democrat was a crook wasn’t newsworthy, since so many of them are. But you’d think they’d be interested because so FEW Democrats are ever “found out,” and if found out, tried and convicted. That should make it “big news” right there. If they were actually doing their jobs. If she had been a Republican, now, it would have been “wall-to-wall news” for days, if not for weeks. Now if Hillary Clinton were jailed, that WOULD be newsmeven for them. Mostly outrage, though, because she’s the “darling of Democrats” and they hope she will become their “standard bearer” for the next four, maybe eight years. CNN did cover it, to its credit. It was the “big three” that ignored it. She had been a Hillary operative during Hillary's ill-fated 2008 attempt to unseat Barack Obama, and probably learned from the master. But apparently, not well enough. (News Busters)

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