Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The "Terrifying Rate!"

This is the newspaper headline: “The terrifying rate at which children are killing themselves dead.” Then we take a look at the rate. By their own figures, it's 0.0003%. Doesn't seem so “terrifying,” does it? Except to the VICTIMS. They CLAIM it happens about “once a day.” The story linked below tells the story of a child who killed himself with a gun his grandmother hid under her bed. Obviously, she never heard of the “gun safety classes” run by the NRA. She probably hates the NRA, based on what she's been told by the anti-gun fools. But that LACK of information about proper “gun safety” and handling is what's responsible for this child's death. If the anti-gun fools would stop “demonizing” the NRA and push its efforts to teach people about gun safety, maybe we could further reduce such deaths, as more and more people use proper gun-handling methods, instead of “hiding them under the bed.” Children always know exactly where guns are hidden, even if they don't understand them. I know I did when I was a youngster, though I did know how dangerous they could be and mostly stayed away from them, and managed not to kill myself, or anybody else. (NY Post)

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