Monday, October 10, 2016

Not What They Thought

The anti-gun fools thought putting video cameras on cops would prove their false impression that cops “go hunting” for blacks to kill. But it did something else, instead. It caused the reduction of successful civilian complaints against cops by 93 %! Civilians who come into contact with the cops are PRONE to accuse them falsely in hopes of mitigating their own crimes. A good example is Freddy Gray, in Baltimore, who accidentally killed himself in an effort to incriminate the cops. But the existence of video evidence is damning to the attempts to incriminate cops, buy showing what REALLY happened,. Not what “witnesses” say. Witnesses to cop shootings, many of whom are friends of the ones killed, are notoriously and usually false. But video evidence “puts the lie” to it. That was so in Baltimore, and in Ferguson, MO, and in Charlotte, NC. In Ferguson, “witnesses” swore Brown had his hands up shouting, “don't shoot,” which was proved to be a lie. In Baltimore they swore he was given “a rough ride” by the cop driving the wagon, and THAT was proven to be a lie, again by video evidence.” In Charlotte, the victim's wife swore he had never even OWNED a gun, even though she KNEW he had served 7 years in prison on a gun charge, and she had previously filed for a restraining order on him because he had “threatened her with a gun.” (BBC)

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