Monday, October 17, 2016

"Not Enough People Killed"

They call it a “small, but vocal minority.” That's what they think the people who respect the constitutional prohibition on banning guns is. Which shows how IGNORANT they are. And Gabby Giffords and her ex-astronaut husband don't think enough people were killed at Townville, so they still concentrate on the Pulse nightclub tragedy, where 49 people were killed. They call it “gun violence.” But actually, it's simply “violence,” with a capital “V.” It would not matter if guns were non-existent, the killing would still go on; with knives clubs,  bombs, even bare hands, if necessary. People who want to kill will find a way, and blaming the gun will not stop the violence as long as violent PEOPLE still exist. This is a “short-sighted “solution,” at best. At worst, it CAUSES even more violence as innocent people are disarmed in the face of attacks from people who don't obey “gun laws.” They just don't understand that, and that causes more and more people to die as law-abiding people obey their laws and “rules,” while “bad guys” do not and they have a “field day” killing people who are stupidly disarmed by the government. (Orlando Sentinel)

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