Monday, October 3, 2016

When's A Protest Not A Protest?

Attorney General Lynch (an appropriate name, that) said the rioters in Charlotte are “practicing a basic right.” But I disagree. It's not a “protest” OR a “basic right” when they steal and loot cash from businesses; It's not a “protest” then they shoot each other over minor disagreements; attack newspeople and try to burn them to death; throw rocks off bridges at cars containing innocent people; beat up innocent people because they're white; trashing their own neighborhood; attempting to hijack cars so they can victimize innocent people. These are not the actions of protesters.” They are the actions of CRIMINALS, taking advantage of the unrest other criminals have created, in this case, “Black Lives Matter” criminals. This black against white racism being demonstrated in these riots is repugnant to intelligent people, and is acceptable only to fools. (Zero Hedge)

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