Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Ain't No Voter Fraud!"

That’s what Democrats tell you. But that’s to cover up their own voter fraud activities. Now it has been found that “Soros-provided” voting machines are changing Republican votes to Democrat votes. One of the simplest voter fraud systems going, and, in the usual course of things, it would not have been discovered, except for a local candidate voting for himself noticing that his vote was cast for his OPPONENT, who was a Democrat! Now a woman in Texas who voted the straight Republican ticket noticed her vote was going to Democrats. And it took TWO “election officials” to get this one vote changed back. Whether or not anything was done to keep the machine from doing that is not known. Other methods are “dead people voting,” which is so common in Chicago, it’s a joke. Then there are all the illegal aliens voting. There are any number of scams being used. And they all benefit Democrat candidates. Does that tell you something? (Freedom’s Phoenix)

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