Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lawbreaking By Fiat

I can't understand what motivates all the fools who want to get rid of our gun rights, in spite of the fact that the Constitution, which forms the BASIS for ALL our laws, GUARANTEES that right. One of the basic NATURAL rights is that of self defense, and the Constitution guarantees us the right to own and use the tools of that self defense. But they want to take away that right, anyway. People like Hillary Clinton PROMISE to do so (by "executive order"), yet they expect to get elected to high office, in spite of it, and in spite of their own CRIMES. Grounds for impeachment include being guilty of “crimes and misdemeanors.” Few candidates go INTO office with KNOWN “crimes and misdemeanors. Wanting to remove our gun rights is a SIGNAL that the politician wishing to do so is a criminal him/herself and wants no opposition. (Breitbart)

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