Friday, October 21, 2016

"50 Years Rigging Elections"

That's what Scott Foval, until recently the field director for “Americans United for Change,” a well known liberal organization, frankly ADMITTED that Democrats have been rigging elections for the last fifty years (I think it started much longer ago than that, just not in his memory). Yet the Democrats say “there IS no election fraud.” I guess the best defense is an offense. Democrats deny any election fraud to cover up their own election fraud. Election fraud is how John Kennedy beat Richard Nixon (in Nixon's first try). That's also how Obama won the White House, TWICE. It's also how Hillary is staying “neck-in-neck” with Trump in this election. Without the connivance of the Democrat Party and the liberal media, she'd be lagging by 50 points. Trump's crowds, compared to hers PROVES it. He fills stadiums. She's lucky to fill a small gymnasium in a schoolhouse. I personally WATCHED a Democrat operative walk into a polling place with a box full of false ballots and stuff them into the ballot box and vote them. And he didn't care if somebody saw him, because he knew the people charged with stopping such as him were Democrats and would look the other way, (Blabber Buzz)

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