Sunday, October 30, 2016

ISIS Murders Civilians

ISIS likes to make a “big thing” about it, when there is “collateral damage” in one of our attacks against them, and we accidentally kill some civilians. But we don’t do it ON PURPOSE like they do. Never mind they put civilians in front of them when they attack, OR defend. But what the news media usually doesn’t tell us is, they intentionally murder defenseless women and children, AND any men they can find, And that’s what they did outside of Mosul when they found 15 women and children who were left behind when the others fled a village in the face of their onslaught. Something like that is a “war crime,” and the world is FINALLY waking up to it. How long it will take them to FULLY wake up is anybody’s guess. Of course, we should add that their tendency to BEHEAD innocent men (and women, and children) is a “war crime,” too. Every nation that isn’t a SUPPORTER of the Islamic terrorists should “rise up” and help demolish them. NO captures or imprisonment. If they’re caught in the act, or are PROVED to be Islamic terrorists, they should be SHOT, as soon as they’re found. NO trial. NO treating them with respect. They don’t DESERVE respect, or “humane treatment.” I’d say they’re animals, but I don’t want to insult animals. (Just common sense)

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