Thursday, October 6, 2016

Making the Cops Nervous

The “Black Lives Matter” fools CLAIM they're protesting cop shooting black men way too often while CREATING an atmosphere where cops will be very nervous any time they are out in public. Which will tend to make them “trigger happy.” when you know a black man is liable to just walk up and shoot you while you're doing nothing but your daily activities, such as fueling your car, you're BOUND to be “quick on the trigger,” in self defense. They're CREATING the very situation they CLAIM to be protesting. \Witness: all the cops who have been killed from ambush while innocently sitting in their well-marked patrol cars, of putting gas in it, They CLAIM that cops go out each day on a “hunting trip,” LOOKING for blacks to kill.

Meanwhile, black men DO go out HUNTING cops to kill. That's a proven fact, illustrated by the blue body count. Every time a cop kills a black man they immediately raise a crowd to riot, whether or not it's a “good shoot.” Thugs come from all over the country (as in Charlotte, NC, where 70% of those arrested in their riot were from out of state) It's like they have a “phone tree” that allows them to IMMEDIATELY whip up a crowd of rioters. This is doing nothing except to get more cops, and even MORE back men killed. There were TWO shootings involving cops in Denver this morning, and already there is a crowd of “protesters” lined up against the cops, and we don't even know if they were “good shoots,” or not. And when we find out, they won't believe it. (Just common sense)

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