Monday, October 3, 2016

"Falling Out Among Criminals"

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has come out and said what all intelligent people already knew. That her “buddy” (former buddy, anyway) “rushed to judgment” in charging those six cops in the death of Freddie Gray, who accidentally killed HIMSELF in an effort to incriminate the cops. Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor, DID “rush to judgment,” but fortunately, “wiser heads prevailed,” and all six cops were exonerated. Mosby, undaunted by her failure, has pledged to “go after the cops” in Baltimore. Rawlings-Blake says there “is no way to 'fix' race relations in America.” Actually, there is. You ,might stop lying to make it seem worse than it has ever been. Baltimore was a “seminal moment” in the “war on cops,” which Mosby seems bent on continuing. She is an obvious cop-hater, even though she CLAIMS she is not, since several of her family are cops. This whole thing has become a “political football” in Baltimore. Nothing is said about what has happened to the six cops she accused except that they still face “departmental review” of the incident, where they can be pilloried on the basis of somebody's OPINION, not on guilt or innocence. If this incident signals the end of Rawlings-Blake's political career, that can only be a good thing. If that also includes Mosby, so much the better. (Baltimore Sun)

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