Thursday, October 20, 2016

They Gotta Be Stupid!

The Patriot Tribune ran a story that says, “50% of “millennials” would vote for a socialist government.” How stupid IS that? Maybe not stupid, just IGNORANT. Stupid people know the truth, but push the wrong ideas, anyway. Ignorant people are just suffering from a lack of information. Which they've “gained” by all those years in liberal-run schools (usually at a high price), being taught the LIE that socialism is the way to go, because it gives them all those delicious “free things.” They don't tell them that, as they grow older, they will be expected to PAY for those “freebies” given to others. Meanwhile, their lives will be CONTROLLED by the top liberals. The liberals systematically “took over” the universities and other schools, so as to be able to teach out impressionable children these LIES, so as to increase their CONTROL, at all levels. They charge them “big bucks” to go to college, which is a socialist conditioning system. Now they're telling us we have to PAY for that. They don't tell them that the “we” will be them after a while. All they tell them is about all the “freebies” they will get in a socialist nation, ignoring the fact that SOMEBODY has to pay for it, or it will not work. (Patriot Tribune)

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