Saturday, October 15, 2016

102 More Criminals Released

Obama talks a good game on crime control while doing everything he can to increase it. If he thinks commuting the sentences of 102 more criminals, many of them with gun crimes, will reduce crime, we need to commit him to a mental hospital. He's INSANE! I can see his purpose. It's to bolster his claims that “crime is out of control” so he can make more and better laws to better control all of us in the name of “crime control” and “gun control." He figures releasing so many criminals will do two things: one, they'll commit even more crimes, and two: they'll vote more Democrats back into office. Felons can't vote, you say? Watch 'em! If you think these 102 felons (and all the others he has released) won't vote illegally, since they don't have to properly identify themselves because Democrats won't allow it, they need to send you to the mental hospital alongside Obama. Obama has commuted the sentences of more criminals than the last ELEVEN presidents, COMBINED! What's the reason? I just told you, above. (Guns)

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