Thursday, October 20, 2016

Twisting Words

Liberals are good at twisting words to suit themselves, as Justice Stephen Breyer showed again with his opinion, given on the Charlie Rose Show that the Second Amendment did not refer to an INDIVIDUAL right. That this is a liberal fantasy is well known, and he is just parroting it. But what makes it bad is that he is a Supreme Court Justice and his opinion can affect the rights of millions of citizens. The purpose of the Second Amendment is well known: it is to make sure INDIVIDUALS are armed if the government “calls them up” in defense of the country. A secondary purpose, spoken of many times by the Founders, is to “keep the government honest” by making sure the people are never disarmed. The first thing a dictator wannabe does is disarm the populace. Then he “kills off” all the dissidents. The Second Amendment was designed to prevent that from happening, and has worked well for years in doing just that. But, since among liberals are MANY “dictator wannabes,” they continuously try and “get around” the constitutional protection of the Second Amendment. We need to stay vigilant and never allow them to prevail. (America's First Freedom)

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