Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hillary "Not Selling Guns!"

One of the factors that distresses Obama the most is the fact that every time he talks again about his intention to “stomp on” America's constitutionally-protected right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun, America buys more and more guns. Consequentially, he has been unwittingly responsible for more gun sales than any gun salesman out there. But conversely, Hillary has never been responsible for an increase in gun sales, no matter how much she talks about doing the same. There's a good reason for that: Obama IS president, has shown clearly that he is DETERMINED to step on our self defense and gun ownership rights, in spite of what the Constitution says. Hillary, on the other hand, is merely a presidential hopeful that intelligent people believe will never get to walk into the Oval Office again, not even as a visitor. Therefore, they need not worry about her supposed future ability to affect their self defense rights. We can only hope we can continue to stifle Obama's ability to violate our rights until he is forced to leave office on January 20, 1917. (Washington Post)

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