Monday, October 10, 2016

Phony Moral Outrage

The phony moral outrage the Democrat Party is demonstrating because of Trump's eleven-year-old “trash talk” they have unearthed is FUNNY, coming from the people who spent years trying to destroy morality in society. They LAUDED Bill Clinton and his “zipper down” policy. They told us his sexual exploits WHILE PRESIDENT were unimportant. That sex itself was something not to be considered in politics, because it just didn't matter. That if we didn't like it, we were “old fogeys” and “puritans” who wanted to go back to the days of June Cleaver and “The Beav.” Now they're showing phony moral outrage over Trump's “trash talk” from many years ago, while IGNORING Bill Clinton's RAPES and Hillary's actions in demeaning the accusers.. They have nothing else to talk about, and they don't DARE start talking about Hillary's scandals, so they direct the attention of the public to some intemperate words spoken in private, between men, while IGNORING Hillary's DEFENSE of Bill's rapes and abuses of women. If that's all they have, they're in big trouble. And that IS all they have. Trump scares them to death and they're pulling out all the stops to defeat him—and it isn't working. (Just common sense)

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