Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wrong Again And Again!

The pundits gave been uniformly wrong about Trump from the moment he announced his run for the presidency. All during the primaries they predicted his demise as a candidate. Time and time again they “reported” that he has “screwed up” and was going to drop out for one reason or the other. Meanwhile he continued to draw multi thousands of supporters to his rallies Then they “shot their bolt” with the usual accusations of sexual improprieties that they use in every election that they thought would get rid of him forever—and it didn't. Now they're saying (again) that his strongest supporters are “dumping him” in gross numbers. And again, they're wrong. As usual. I guess nobody has told him about all the people who are “dumping him.” It's hard to tell, with his crowds continuing to dwarf those drawn by Hillary. And he's raising hundreds of millions of dollars, while spending little. Meanwhile, Hillary and the gang are paying people to instigate violence at his rallies, so they can blame HIM for it. They're actually blowing up his headquarters, and blaming him for THAT. What kind of reasoning could account for that is in question. But I've always said liberals have no reason, or logic They even deny its existence. (Just common sense)

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