Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Punishing the Hero

One of the firefighters was the hero of the Townville shooting. Being close by, he (and his chief) arrived before deputies, and “took down” the shooter, who had already killed one, and wounded several others. He was armed, but it hasn't been said whether or not he used that gun in his “take down.” Even so, he saved many lives, not to mention his own chief's life. Now, according to the sheriff, he faces FIVE YEARS in the slammer if charges are filed against him for having that gun, notwithstanding the fact that having and using a gun is a constitutional right. They have laws (however unconstitutional) against private citizens being armed there, and he could easily be charged, and give up five years of his life after his heroic actions. This is the world we live in, folks! Stupid laws, made by stupid politicians, that make it a lot easier for CRIMINALS to victimize us with their ILLEGAL, unregistered guns. (WYFF News 4)

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