Friday, October 28, 2016

Send In the Clowns"

The Democrats needed something to divert our attention from Hillary’s crimes, and they couldn’t seem to get any “traction” out of defaming Trump. So, “send in the clowns.” All of a sudden, just a couple of weeks before the election (of course), they’ve given us something else to think about, and take up a bunch of news space. The “creepy clowns” have been appearing all over the country, many, I’m sure, on the Democrat Party payroll. Sure, that would be expensive. But they’ve collected $BILLIONS from gullible Americans, who don’t know Hillary is POISON! And retaining the presidency for Democrats means a lot, to them. Now they’re spreading out, overseas, as well. Something they didn’t anticipate, I guess, but which is helpful for them. Can you think of another reason for them to “suddenly” start appearing, in many different places, all a couple of weeks before the election? Trump doesn’t need to divert our attention. When the Democrats come up with a phony accusation, he just “overpowers them” with rhetoric. Besides: clowns are supposed to be FUN! Why, all of a sudden, are they ”creepy?” (CNN)

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