Friday, October 28, 2016

"33,000 Die From Guns"

That's what Hillary thinks. Which reveals that she is as completely befuddled about guns as are all the other anti-gun fools and freaks. People don't “die from guns.” They die from PEOPLE holding guns! You can't reduce gun violence by making LAWS against certain people owning guns. Those people, if they can't get guns legally, will get them any way they can, ILLEGALLY. The proof is all the KNOWN felons, who are specifically BARRED from owning guns, who have them, anyway. She says she is a “firm believer” in the Second Amendment, but believes there should be some “reasonable regulation.” That's the “slippery slope” the anti-gun fools like her create that allows them to make laws to make it harder and harder for honest, law-aiding people to get the guns they need to defend themselves against the “bad guys” who victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. She LIES when she says she is a “strong Second Amendment supporter.” She is KNOWN to want to get rid of the ENTIRE Constitution, as are most liberals. They view it as a LIMIT on their powers, and they don't like that. (Daily Caller)

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