Thursday, October 13, 2016

They're Sitting Ducks

Many shopping malls, restaurants, and other establishments are making “sitting ducks” out of all their customers. Outfits like Target stores, Wal-Mart, Panera Bread restaurants, and others who have declared their stores “gun-free zones” leave their customers defenseless against criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. Islamic terrorists have “targeted” “gun-free malls” for their shooting rampages because they know there will most likely be NO GUNS there to oppose them, so they can come in and kill as many people as possible before “good guys with guns” arrive and kill them. Schools, too, are well-known “target-rich” environments.

This is generally true of the “big box stores” that prohibit their customers from bringing their legally-carried guns onto their property. They are “targeted” by would-be mass shooters because there are usually lots of unarmed, defenseless people there. But they also target smaller places, such as Panera Bread, and other smaller stores too, because they are “low-hanging fruit,” and it's like “shooting fish in a barrel.” The cops will eventually arrive, but not until they have killed many people. And they might even escape before the cops arrive. Criminals and other “ne'er-do-wells” don't worry about bringing their guns into such places, just as they don't usually buy their guns legally. So the only people who OBEY such restrictions are the law-abiding, who are not usually the problem, anyway. (NRA News)

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