Monday, October 24, 2016

More Guns In Chicago

More ILLEGAL guns. Despite some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, Chicago has more guns on the street than in NYC and Los Angeles, COMBINED. And most of them come from right outside Chicago in Lyons, IL, and are traceable to ONE gun dealer. They did something about that, with that gun dealer's cooperation, and therefore reduced the number of guns, somewhat. They also found that most shootings happened after altercations at certain bars. So they did something about that, too. And lowered the number some more, but both accounted for just a small number of the guns out there. They said that many “gun sales” were done at “gun shows” where unlicensed individuals (not necessarily holders of tables, but who were just “there”) buying and selling guns illegally. Why they specifically mentioned gun shows is in question, since that kind of activity goes on all the time, all over the city, and outside it. Another factor in “reducing gun violence” is INFORMATION. Not that put out by the anti-gun fools, REAL information that tells the REAL story, that gun violence is at its lowest ebb, since more people are buying guns for self defense. More and more burglars and “tough guys” who like to bully people with their ILLEGAL guns are getting killed and injured by LEGAL gun owners, which makes them more likely to go into other kinds of crime. (Wired)

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