Monday, October 24, 2016

"Clown Eruption"

Why all of a sudden do we see an “eruption” of “creepy clowns,” just weeks before the presidential election? To take our attention off the election issues, of course! Hillary is afraid to answer most of the questions she is bound to be facing in the coming weeks, even with the liberal media firmly in her pocket. So she needs the public to be obsessing over something else. Here come the “creepy clowns!” To take up all the extra news space and keep us occupied with something other than her CRIMES. You think I'm “full of it?” Why did it happen NOW? Just weeks before the election? Why not AFTER the election? Or any other time? The answer is simple: any other time wouldn't work to Hillary's advantage. She wants most of the media's attention to be taken up by the UNSUPPORTED allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of her opponent, AND the “creepy clowns,” so they won't have time to ask her about her crimes. (People)

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