Saturday, October 29, 2016

AG "Pleads the Fifth"

AG Lynch has effectively “pleaded the fifth.” She sent an “underling” to a congressional hearing to tell them to “go to hell,” that she isn’t going to talk about Obama’s willingness to send Iran a LOT of OUR money. Seems to me if a government official does that, it should be grounds for immediate DISMISSAL (if the president has the guts). The AG is supposed to UPHOLD the law, not plead the fifth and disobey it. But this is the kind of thing you can expect in an Obama administration, where nothing ever gets done about corruption, by executive order. So what else is new? Obama has disobeyed just about every law that limits his actions, and nobody has ever done anything concrete about it. Yes, some congressmen have whined a little but, but nothing ever came of it. So he gets away with all his crimes, as does Hillary. Obama has proved once again, by his ACTIONS, that he FAVORS the Islamic terrorists. (Minuteman News)

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