Monday, October 31, 2016

"Ban All Guns In U. S"

That’s what the L. A. Times suggests we do. I guess they don’t know anything about the Constitution or the Second Amendment, if they make such a suggestion. Or maybe they do, and they don’t give a rat’s patootie, like most liberal Democrats. Or maybe they’re just STUPID. Which they are, if they’re anti-gun fools, as their suggestion seems to label them. Anybody who thinks we can flat ban ALL guns in America, and there won't be any has to be smoking some very hard weed. If I were a druggie, I’d want some of what they’re smoking. Thank God we’ve got the Second Amendment if there are these kinds of fools in important positions to “mold” public opinion. California has passed a law REQUIRING “microstamping” on all automatic weapons sold in the state, so gun manufacturers just stopped selling their guns in that state, negating their law. Are they just “evil?” Not even! What California either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care about, it the FACT that the technology to DO microstamping doesn’t exist. Period. So they CAN’T sell their product in California. Period. Of course, this law, even if it were possible to enforce, IGNORES all the millions of ILLEGAL guns there are in California, as most of the stupid laws anti-gun fools pass do. So naturally, they do NOTHING to “stop the proliferation of guns. But they’re too stupid and/or too stubborn to realize this. (Bearing Arms)

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