Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Getting Around" the Constitution

Every law hindering honest people in the use of guns for self defense is an effort to “get around” the constitutional prohibition on “abridging” the gun rights of all honest (non-felon) Americans. Making databases of gun owners is an attempt to abridge gun ownership, as are “gun-free zones.” Those who are not criminals and are authorized gun carriers (for any reason) should be able to carry their guns ANYWHERE, unopposed by ignorant property owners or municipal ordinances. EVERY anti-gun law made so far is intended to LIMIT the ability of honest people to be able to get their guns in action quick enough to defend against criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists who, since they usually have ILLEGAL guns, aren't bothered by them. Such things as trigger locks, storing guns and ammo in different places, or even ALLOWING concealed carry (as in one state) but the gun must be UNLOADED, are DESIGNED to “get around” the constitutional prohibition. “Okay, we can't just BAN guns, so let's just make them impossible to use!” In one place, they put a $1,000 tax on each gun, \which was declared unconstitutional, and rightly so. (Marianas Variety)

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