Friday, October 14, 2016

Every Four Years

You'd think the American people would “get wise” to the scam, but they don't. Every four years, a few weeks before the presidential election, a “sexual abuse” allegation (with no proof) arises against the Republican candidate. Never the Democrat candidate. It has been happening as long as I can remember, and that's a long time. Yet every time it happens, the news is full of people who fall for it, and sometimes they even vote, based on it, not on the issues, and often the Democrat candidate wins on the basis of it. Now look at today. Right on time, about four weeks before a hotly contested, very close presidential campaign, they “discover” an eleven year old conversation between Trump and another man, in which Trump makes some damaging remarks.

Where has that tape been all these years? Probably in a Democrat vault somewhere, just in case Trump ever ran for office. It didn't come out when it was made, because Trump was a Democrat, at the time. Then right out of the woodwork, right on time, come a bunch of women accusing Trymp (without proof, of course) of sexual misconduct, They make a big thing about SEVEN women saying virtually the same thing, as “proof” they're telling the truth. But to me, it says they're reading from a script. Most likely supplied by Democrats. I don't believe for a minute that a man as rich as Trump, who could have as much sex as he wished, any time he wished, would make the kind of crude advances they describe. Come ON! Just walking up and running his hand under her dress? Forcing her against the wall kissing her without her permission? Damn! Could they BE more transparently stupid? Meanwhile, while we're obsessing over that, we're not talking about Hillary's crimes. (Just common sense)

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