Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ban Guns, No More Violence!

Haw, haw! Giggle, giggle! Thanks. I needed a good belly laugh. That's the fanciful theory of the anti-gun fools, anyway. That's why I call them fools. Their entire campaign is based on “pipe dreams.” It's a pipe dream to suppose that the only violence in the land is done by a gun. Knives are already at the top of the list for instruments of violence, but efforts to ban them are tepid and useless. As are efforts to deny us our constitutional right to own and use a gun for self defense. They can't just BAN guns altogether, so they “dance around” the constitutional prohibition on banning guns by making laws that make them impossible to get into action fast enough to be useful. Therefore, making them USELESS in the face of a criminal, wielding an ILLEGAL gun, who isn't bothered by such “rules.” He neither registers his guns, nor does he obey ANY laws regarding gun ownership and handling. This is the flaw in the thinking of the anti-gun fools. (Guns)

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