Monday, October 31, 2016

Always Being Investigated

The Clintons seem to be always under investigation for something. Is that just because of the way they operate, or is it just that somebody’s always “out to get them,” as they whine? Sounds a little paranoid to me. I think it’s because they are always involved in schemes that GET them investigated, and they’re pretty slippery. People DIE under suspicious circumstances just before they were to testify against them (like the guy who “committed suicide” by shooting himself TWICE in the head). People (like Justice Scalia) who block them in their fervent desires (like “gun control”) die with pillows on their faces, in a bed on a ranch owned by a Clinton crony, have his death confirmed as “natural” by TELEPHONE, and the “manner of death” officiated by a lowly justice of the peace (why not a real judge, or a REAL autopsy?). The questions are just too frequent to be simply somebody “out to get them.” For Bill, his “zipper down” policy got him in a LOT pf trouble, which his wife defamed a lot of women to get him out of it. There’s just too much there for them to be put-up jobs. (Just common sense)

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