Sunday, October 16, 2016

"A Terrible Mistake!"

ABC says “It would be a terrible mistake to go after Bill Clinton's sexual affairs next debate.” And why is that? Because Hillary has no answer if it is brought up, and she won't like it? Because it's a “seminal issue” (pun intended) that shows how wimpy she is? How little she knows about making good decisions? ABC is a “good liberal network,” and doesn't want us to bring it up because it is a powerful issue that could “bring her down.” That's why they call it a “terrible mistake.” I fail to see why we should accept advice from liberals on how to run a campaign or to vote. Their advice is guaranteed to cause us to lose. They SAY it's because of the “Town Hall Format” that it would not be a good idea. That's their story and they're “stickin' to it.” But in reality, it's one “weak spot” in her campaign that has yet to be properly explored, and they're scared to death it will be brought up, in ANY format. (News Busters)

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