Wednesday, October 12, 2016

China: "Gun-Free Zone"

They have effectively BANNED guns in communist China, for anybody except the cops and government agents. So how did this guy kill his family, and 17 neighbors, to cover up crimes he had committed? They don't say HOW he killed them, since if he used a gun, it would be “bad press” for the government. Even if he didn't use a gun, as most killers in China don't (they use knives, poison, homemade explosives, or arson), it's “bad press.” So they don't mention the method. This proves again what I've been saying all along. A potential murderer, if he can't get a gun, will find a way, as this guy did (if he's guilty, which he is, since in China, you're “guilty until proven innocent”) There will always be guns. Smuggling guns into areas where they are prohibited is “big business,” and is more profitable in such areas than in areas where they are easier to obtain. (Modesto Bee)

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