Monday, October 17, 2016

The Socialist (Democrat) Party

They might just as well admit it, and change their name from the Democrat Party to the SOCIALIST Party. They scream NOT, but everything they propose is socialist/collectivist. From FREE college tuition to easier requirements for food stamps for able-bodied people, to free this, and free that, they want to make EVERYTHING free, to be paid for by those stupid enough to work and make money so it can be STOLEN to pay for all their “freebies.” Then they talk about “redistribution of wealth,” which is “code” for government theft of the EARNINGS of industrious people. Moreover, they work HARD to “take control” of as many things as they can, and propose many STUPID things, such as “gay marriage,” and allowing MEN free entry into places where young (and older) women are NAKED. And threaten to withhold “federal money” from states that don't “knuckle under” and allow it, calling them bigots if they refuse. Then they KEEP money that is PROMISED to the states, out of the money the states sent to the feds, in the first place. They insist on “open borders” so as to allow as many illegal aliens to enter this country as possible, while maintaining an election system that does not require positive ID in order to vote, so these illegal aliens can vote, with most of them voting for the Democrat candidate. They'd like to institute a communist/socialist style government, so long as they continue to be :in charge. Communism and socialism are the same thing, with minor differences in the details. They're both COLLECTIVIST, whose motto is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” Mqking NEED a demand on the EARNINGS of those capable and willing to EARN, while giving that “stolen” to those NOT capable OR willing to EARN for themselves. It's pure government THEFT, to maintain their total CONTROL. (Just common sense)

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