Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Bloomberg, Pound Sand!"

In Maine, the forces of the anti-gun fools headed by former New York City Mayor Bloomberg tried to get a measure passed for “universal background checks” that was opposed by many local sheriffs. And what they told him was essentially to “go pound sand.” Much like the response he got in Colorado when he tried to meddle in our local gun laws. They told him, rightly, that such a measure would have NO EFFECT on “gun violence” and was thus a USELESS law, and shouldn't pass. And they're right, just as they're right about ALL the gun laws he promotes. NONE of them have ANY effect on “gun violence” because they target the GUN, not the HOLDER of the gun. Maybe one day the anti-gun fools will “tumble” to that, but I doubt it. They're not smart enough. That's obvious by their basic thinking that if you eliminate guns, you can eliminate crime, too. (Liberty Park Press)

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