Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kardashian Wants Armed Security

After being robbed at gunpoint, Kim Kardashian, a very vocal anti-gun fool, now wants more armed security. Thus proving again, that an anti-gun fool is just somebody who has never been robbed at gunpoint. She lost (she says) $10 million dollars' worth of jewelry to an armed robber in a terrifying robbery. Now she wants people with GUNS guarding her “stash,” what's left of it. Of course, what the hell she was doing with that much jewelry around WITHOUT security is a question. It shows the lack of intelligence by anti-gun fools on security. I'd bet she STILL is against us “po' folks” being armed, though she wants to be protected, herself. Like most anti-gun fools. It's a “common theme” for anti-gun fools to be armed, themselves, or go around surrounded by armed men for protection, while denying the rest of us the same right. (Breitbart)

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