Thursday, October 27, 2016

They Don't Understand

Or they don't WANT to understand, why the city (Chicago) with the tightest gun laws has the highest gun death and injury stats in the nation, as well. We know, and we've been telling them for years. But what we tell them has fallen on “deaf ears,” as they go right on making their USELESS “gun laws” that do NOTHING to “stem gun violence,” and actually INCREASE it, as they DISARM the honest, law-abiding people and see to it they never get training in proper gun handling. They criticize and demonize the NRA, which is one of the few organizations that DOES train people in proper gun handling and storage. So people, especially children, have no idea how to handle, or properly store their guns, and are more prone to make mistakes that sometimes kill people. Meanwhile, the “bad guys” continue to get their guns, ILLEGALLY, and use them to victimize the honest people, since they're unarmed. They think that, if they can eliminate the very MENTION of guns, it will help. On the contrary, what kills people is LACK of information about guns. If more law-abiding people were able to legally have guns for self defense, there would soon be fewer “bad guys” with their ILLEGAL guns, as they “kill them off” when they try and victimize them. But they don't listen. Their minds are made up, so we can't “confuse them with facts.” (America's First Freedom)

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