Sunday, October 9, 2016

Purposely Creating A Problem

Obama is purposely creating problems for future people by importing as many Muslims as he can. If he thinks importing so many Muslims all at once will not create problems for Americans, he needs his head examined—again. And that's not racism or religious intolerance. It's common sense. Fully HALF the refugees admitted to the United States recently are Muslims. Down from previous numbers, since they must have “tumbled” to the fact we KNOW they're importing many more Muslims than Christians. That number used to be 1500 Muslims to 1 Christian. But even so, Muslims are brought up in a completely different fashion than are Americans, and even the “peaceful Muslims” HATE how we live, and want to change it. And they liberally use our laws to sue people to get their way. One thing they're trying is to make ANY criticism of Islam a crime. And they work HARD to CREATE situations in which they can sue, while liberal judges give them huge “settlements” for objecting to NORMAL American behavior. Of course, we hate some of the things they do, too. Like the way they treat their women, and fathers and brothers killing Muslim girls (“honor killings”) for loving the wrong man, and their propensity to rape women and little boys, which is undeniable, considering the sharp increase in rape of both wherever they go. (MRC TV)

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