Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gabby Changed Her Mind

The other day, I wrote an item about Gabby Giffords (one of the most vocal “gun-grabbers” on the planet) thinking “not enough people were killed at Newtown,” so she's going to concentrate on the West Palm Beach shooting, where 49 were killed, and another 50 wounded. But she has now announced her intention to go to Newtown and help them make even more USELESS gun laws, hoping to capitalize on the deaths of many CHILDREN, though not as many as the number of people who died in W. Palm Beach. I guess she figures you gotta take advantage of what's happening, and the Newtown people are independently working toward the same ends as she is. So she decided her input could make their effort more powerful. So now she's pandering to them. (Hartford Courant)

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