Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Here We Go Again!

Cops killed a “young teenager” in the LA area,”shooting him in the back.” He was “unarmed,” and he was “running away with his hands up.” Yeah, right! Cops found guns on the scene. I wonder who was carrying them? And I seriously doubt he was “running away with his hands in the air,” crying, “I'm unarmed!” Of course, nobody talks about the stolen car he was riding in with his friend, and the possibility that he was a street gang member, and was trying to kill those cops. They emphasize his youth, and the fiction that he was “running away,” and “unarmed.” That's a pattern with the “Black Lives Matter" fools. Lie, lie, lie, and twist the truth. And even when the lie is PROVED, insist on TELLING the lie, again and again. Facts don't seem to matter to them. They do everything they can to obfuscate the facts and make the cops “the bad guys.” All they want is for the cops to “go away” and leave the field to them and the rest of the thugs. So they can loot and burn, and steal people's belongings without interference. (The Truth About Guns)

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