Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Suicide By Cop

You're a cop. You've had a very busy day. You drive up on a “suspicious person” call and a man refuses to take his hands out of his pockets. Then he takes his hands out of his pocket and assumes a shooting stance similar to the one assumed by the cop in from of him, and holding what LOOKS like a gun, and “aims” it at you. Do you shoot?. Absolutely! You don't want to die, today. Immediately, a crowd forms. Like Muslims, the local hoods and thugs must have a “phone tree” that lets them build an “instant crowd” to riot over ANY police shooting. They insist that the victim was unarmed, and he was. But he ACTED like he was armed, and wanted tio kill some cops. You can't depend on the conclusions of “Monday morning quarterbacks” in a life or death situation. You just act. It didn't matter that he was unarmed. He wanted the cops to THINK he was, so they'd shoot him. It's as clear a case of “suicide by cop” as I've ever seen. You can't stop and consider his mental state in a situation like this. Not if you want to stay alive, that is. (Mail News)

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