Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Trump Is Unfit!"

At least, that’s what the Democrats keep telling us. Of course, they don’t give us any REASONS why he is “unfit.” That’s SOP with Democrats. Make an untrue statement without any details, and expect the gullible Americans to believe it. The only “details” they offer are simply their OPINION, which is usually WRONG. This is not to say that ALL Americans are gullible. They’re not. But enough of them are, mostly because they don’t pay attention to politics until just before an election, when the lies are flying. I can’t even get my own SON to take an interest in what the Democrats are doing to us! And that’s pretty close to home (Although he won’t vote Democrat, on principle). The Democrats COUNT ON that kind of people to keep returning them to office, so they can continue to screw things up. Washington Post says “it’s beyond debate that Trump is unfit.” But, as usual, they’re WRONG. It’s only “beyond debate” in their feeble minds. Remember, these people are the ones who think “crooked Hillary” is a good choice for president! (Washington Post)

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