Sunday, October 30, 2016

Twisting the Facts

The anti-gun fools make a “big thing” about America being the TOP country in gun ownership. But they omit the next stat. The one that says we aren't even in the TOP TEN in gun deaths! That's another way they twist the facts to make us believe what is, essentially, a LIE. America only ranks ELEVENTH in terms of gun deaths. That's a far cry from “leading the world” in gun deaths, which is what they want us to believe. At the top of the list of gun death countries is Honduras, with several Latin-American countries making up most of the rest of the top ten. All those countries listed have very tight gun laws. The stats noted in the Telegraph article come from The Small Arms Survey and the 2012 Congressional Research Service Report. Not from some pro-gun outfit. And the article itself, you'll note, is in a British newspaper. Do you think it will be noticed, and “picked up” by the American liberal media? Not a chance. They're “in the bag” for the anti-gun fools. One thing they definitely don't want you to know: as gun ownership by honest, law-abiding people rose, gun deaths DROPPED. A correlation here is that more guns means FEWER gun deaths. Not the other way around, as they claim. (Breitbart)

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