Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Always Democrat Controlled

Have you noticed that ALL the cities that are in “big trouble” financially are controlled by Democrats? That every one suffering from riots and looting in the name of “fighting police violence” are run by Democrats? Or that all the problems in the federal government have been CAUSED by Democrats? Democrats have been “in control” of most facets of our society for 50 or more years, no matter who holds the office of president. Some Republican presidents are able to beat them, but others suffer from the subversion of the many Democrat-appointed bureaucrats, and liberal members of the academic community. The ugly truth is, the Democrats are INCOMPETENT to govern this country, or any part of it. But they fool the public into “not noticing” that, by lying about their “accomplishments,” as Obama does daily. He says the economy is “fine,” while intelligent people who pay attention know that's a LIE. He talks about the “improvement in unemployment” under him, while MILLIONS of people have GIVEN UP on ever finding another job and have left the work force, allowing him to PRETEND unemployment numbers are “going down,” by no longer counting them. (Just common sense)

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