Saturday, October 22, 2016

Muslim Supremacy?

We're rapidly approaching it. Is there any other group that has had rules made prohibiting ANY words against it but Muslims?. In Kansas City, the School Board has adopted a rule that makes saying ANYTHING about Muslims that they don't like a punishable offense. Has such a rule EVER been made about Christians, or ANY other group? Is it constitutional? Not a chance. They don't have a powerful lobbying group, like the Muslims do. Not only that, Muslims have infiltrated the “ruling class” in America at a high level (6 Muslims on Obama's staff), and the effect is proliferating. It's getting to the point where simply telling the TRUTH about Muslims is a CRIME. If they end up winning the “war against terrorism,” that will be the reason. They will have been allowed to infiltrate us and begin to RUN things. Then we will be LOST. (Allen West Republic)

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