Friday, December 2, 2016

Women Buying the Guns

We're having record gun sales lately. And who is buying the most guns? WOMEN. They're pushing gun sales to record levels, while anti-gun fools say they shouldn't. That a "bad guy" would take their gun away and shoot them with it. Maybe they should ask the "bad guys" women have shot trying to assault them. Oh: I forgot. You can't ask most of them. They're dead. A gun in the hands of somebody TRAINED in its use is the "great equalizer." I certainly wouldn't want to try and take a gun away from a woman who was trained in the use of the gun in her hand. I'm allergic to "lead poisoning." Women are realizing, more and more, that they can't just depend on the men in their lives to protect them at all times. Sometimes they're alone. And a gun in their pocket is great insurance against assault and murder. Of course, the anti-gun fools will confidently tell you this is not happening. They love to lie and DARE you to disbelieve them. Their "cause" is failing all over the country for the most part. They have had some successes--temporarily--but even those are doomed to "go away" as time goes on. They will never give up their ignorant and futile quest to "rid the world of guns." But we are more and more alert against them every day, and they will LOSE more and more as time goes on. (KPLR11)

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